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  • Kry, also known as Livi in France and the UK, is now profitable in all its markets.
  • By introducing generative AI into its processes, Kry has significantly increased its internal efficiency.
  • The administrative time around each patient-doctor meeting has been reduced by approximately 30 percent.

AI as the key to faster profitability

After years of growth with associated losses, Swedish telemedicine provider Kry has now achieved profitability across all its markets, reports Sifted.

According to the company, this success has been partly possible thanks to the use of generative AI in its processes.

“We are in the sector that will possibly benefit the most from the development of large language models. This quick transition to profitability, and to still be growing, wouldn’t have been possible without implementing this technology,” Johannes Schildt*, CEO and co-founder, told Sifted.

The company was founded in 2015 as a digital healthcare provider and has adapted to regulatory changes by also offering physical clinics.

Technical investments and the role of AI

“Since GPT 3.5, we have applied a lot of AI. That has meant that in the last year, we have shortened the administrative time around each [patient-doctor] meeting by approximately 30%,” Kry’s COO, Kalle Conneryd-Lundgren, told Sifted.

AI is also used to suggest diagnoses, advice on which healthcare provider the patient needs, and help with compiling data and administrative tasks. This has allowed doctors to spend more time with patients, further contributing to the company’s profitability and growth.

Centaurs have a significant edge

This advantage is what we at Warp News believe centaurs possess. The centaurs are those who become really proficient at using AI.

💡 Optimist’s Edge: The centaur’s edge (how amateurs beat experts)

💡 Optimist’s Edge: By becoming really good at using AI tools, amateurs can perform better than experts.

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