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Investigation launched into AI-generated nude photos of Laguna Beach High School students

Investigation launched into AI-generated nude photos of Laguna Beach High School students


Laguna Beach High School leaders with the help of Laguna Beach Police are investigating reports of  nude photos of students created with artificial intelligence being distributed to the student body.

The photos might have been shared through text messages and parents were informed about the photos last week.

Principal Jason Alleman sent a letter to parents Monday about the investigation into the photos, saying such incidents can have far-reaching negative impacts on the campus culture.

“These actions not only compromise individual dignity but also undermine the positive and supportive environment we aim to foster at LBHS,” Alleman said in the letter.

The Laguna Beach Unified School District released a statement about the photos and said the safety and security of students is the district’s top priority. The statement also addressed nurturing and guiding students, with accountability.

“High school is a pivotal time for shaping students, offering us the opportunity to nurture them into empathetic individuals who are mindful of the world around them. Maintaining a careful balance between accountability and empathy is essential as we navigate and address critical issues.”

Laguna Beach High School is planning to host panel discussions this week covering online privacy, legal and ethical considerations of sharing content, the impact of online behavior on future opportunities and relationships and managing digital footprints.

The school has not identified the students responsible, nor revealed the number of victims.

In March, the Beverly Hills Unified School District expelled five eighth grade students for their involvement in generating AI nude photos of classmates and sharing them.

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