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RICHMOND, Va., April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — LDG Tech Advisors announces publication of “Gasman’s Guide to the Artificial Intelligence Industry”. This Guide is aimed at IT executives, product and marketing managers, investors, entrepreneurs, and others who need to understand the structure and of the AI industry.

According to the Guide, the AI industry will generate around $35 billion in revenues in 2024 growing to nearly $100 billion in 2028 and it identifies nine key AI opportunities that will emerge in the next few years. The Guide cuts through the AI hype, pointing out that the AI industry has gone through funding “winters” before and could go through another. In addition, AI development costs can still be high – sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for the underlying data and compute resources. 

The Guide can be purchased at https://ldgtechadvisors.com/product/gasmans-guide-to-the-artificial-intelligence-industry/ A sample can be requested by e-mailing Missy Wade at [email protected]

 Coverage of the AI Guide

  • Profiles of 20 leading AI market influencers with reviews of their product/market strategies. Profiles include Amazon, Apple, ARM, Google, IBM, Meta, Microsoft, NVIDIA, OpenAI, TSMC and SAP
  • Revenue forecasts for virtual assistants, LLMs, video/image processing, natural language processing, narrow AI (broken out by industry), neural networks, machine learning and Artificial General Intelligence
  • Analysis of which chip makers will benefit from the rise of AI and the AI “Chip Wars.” Which chips will drive tomorrow’s AI data centers and what is the future of GPUs, QPUs and ASICs in AI?
  • Which industries have the biggest opportunity to make use of AI. We discuss, AI and the Internet, advertising/media, banking and financial services, healthcare and pharma
  • The role of VCs and government in funding the AI revolution
  • Regulatory and legal aspects of AI. Here we provide an analysis of global approaches to AI policy and its impact including coping with deep fakes, the potential threat from foundational models, security and trust, transparency and bias.

About LDG Tech Advisors
LDG Tech Advisors provides rapid access to actionable information on the latest technologies. The AI Guide is the first of a series of Guides on emerging human-centric technologies. Other Gasman’s Guides will cover the Metaverse, Autonomous Vehicles, Human-Machine Interfaces, Sustainable Manufacturing, New Construction Technologies, and Personal Robotics. The company also plans the content of high-tech conferences of all kinds.

LDG Tech Advisors is led by Lawrence Gasman. Lawrence has more than 40 years of experience identifying and researching business opportunities in high-tech fields. He first encountered AI in the late 1960s when he considered doing a PhD but then decided that AI era, was still some way off! Lawrence has founded four industry analyst firms; providing reports and advice to firms in the optical networking/photonics, advanced materials/nanotechnology, 3D printing and quantum technology sectors. Lawrence has also served as a technology policy analyst. He has written widely on all these topics and his four published books focus on commercializing new technology (telecom and nanotechnology). 

Media and Customer Contact:

Lawrence D. Gasman
[email protected]

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