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New York, NY, April 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Markets EQ, the first to fuse voice tones with language in a generative AI platform for corporate communications, today unveiled Titanium. Built for the discerning needs of investor relations and financial communications professionals, Titanium offers unparalleled AI security, marking a leap forward in securely navigating pre- and post-earnings calls with advanced AI insights.

Titanium is designed to bridge the critical value gaps in financial narratives, enabling users to craft and refine their investor stories with precision. Its unique capabilities ensure that professionals are equipped with the best-in-class linguistic and tonal AI tools, transforming earnings call preparation and analysis into a more strategic and insightful process, saving time on reviews, providing real-time feedback, and securing sensitive information.

“At Markets EQ, we recognize the dual imperative of security and intelligence in financial communications. Titanium addresses this by safeguarding sensitive pre-call data and providing post-call competitive intelligence, ensuring that IR professionals have an unparalleled edge,” says Sean Austin, CEO of Markets EQ.

Key features of Titanium include:

  • Enhanced AI Security: Ensuring the safe upload of draft scripts and management presentations for in-depth pre-call analysis

  • Comprehensive Market Coverage: Analyzing the North American public equities for holistic insights

  • Advanced Voice and Language Analytics: Offering deep dives into earnings calls and financial disclosures to identify value gaps, flag contradictory statements, and assess communication clarity, stress, and more, helping users to fine-tune their investor stories  pre- and post-earnings calls

  • Real-Time Feedback: Enabling users to refine their messages on the fly by asking AI for immediate takeaways

Titanium transforms exhaustive earnings call analysis, from identifying potential “red-flag moments” to providing actionable suggestions for narrative improvement. It’s a tool that not only saves countless hours but also significantly elevates the quality of corporate communication.

Titanium is a subscription-based enhancement for Markets EQ users. To subscribe, visit and sign up for the Special Access feature.

About Markets EQ

Markets EQ is the only GenAI solution providing competitive tonal analysis, previously unavailable awareness, and understanding to investor relations, finance, and communications professionals. According to The Harris Poll, there is a $1.2 trillion annual loss among U.S. businesses due to poor communication, or approximately $12,506 per employee every year. Markets EQ makes sure you don’t fall deep into this statistic. Through cutting-edge AI, we provide you with the tools to perform at your best. Learn more at

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