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Meta’s AI image generator fails to generate accurate images for fairly easy prompts. In a new report, The Verge mentioned that the Meta’s AI image generator inaccurately generated images of an Asian man with a white woman, even when prompts were tweaked multiple times.

Meta’s AI generator repeatedly fails to create accurate images of an Asian man and a woman

As per the findings in the report, Meta’s AI was consistently unable to create accurate images which hinted at bias towards people of some races. The AI image generator tool within Instagram created inaccurate images for simple prompts like Asian man and Caucasian friend or Asian man and white wife. This happened multiple times, although the prompt explicitly mentioned creating a particular image.


Adding to it further, The Verge mentions that out of all the tries, the Meta AI image generator was able to successfully create just one image with the prompt “Asian woman with Caucasian husband.” However, the image wasn’t as accurate as the AI-generated image featured an older man and a young woman with a light skin tone, indicating bias.

Only one out of ten AI-generated images was accurate

Engadget also reported similarly and noticed there was just one image out of ten that reflected the prompt. The other nine AI-generated images featured nine white faces. Worth noting, Meta’s AI image generator often added culturally specific dresses even though the written prompt didn’t mention it.

It’s still not clear why Meta’s AI image is failing to replicate these kinds of prompts. However, this is not the first time Meta’s AI image generator has been in controversy. Last year, its AI sticker generation tool faced backlash after people created NSFW images and Nintendo characters with firearms.

However, this isn’t the first instance where an AI tool failed to create images based on race and gender. In February, Google paused the Gemini AI’s image generator tool after backlash over inaccurately created images for the same matter.

Meta hasn’t come forward with any explanation about inaccurately generated AI images for now. But, in the past, it has insisted that the AI tools are in the beta stage and could make mistakes.

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