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In March, Microsoft launched its own AI image generator — Bing Image Creator — which leverages DALL-E 3 to render high-quality images. Even after the rebranding of Bing Search to Copilot during Microsoft Ignite, Bing Image Creator’s name remained unchanged — until now. 

As first spotted by MSPowerUser, Microsoft renamed Bing Image Creator into Image Creator from Designer, a nod to Designer, Microsoft’s graphic design app that uses AI to create new content from prompts. 

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If you visit the Image Creator by Designer website, you’ll see that its appearance and function have not changed at all, other than featuring the new name at the top left corner. If you ask Copilot to generate an image for you, nothing has changed either, other than — once the image is generated — you will see “Image Creator by Designer” alongside the Designer logo in the bottom left-hand corner. 

Image Creator by Designer

Sabrina Ortiz/ZDNET

The only announcement that Microsoft has made regarding the rebrand was a sly one-line mention in a blog post posted earlier this week in which the major announcement was the availability of Copilot Pro

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Microsoft also shared that Image Creator from Designer will now offer 100 boosts per day for Copilot Pro subscribers, an increase from its previous limit of 25 boosts per week. These “boosts” are ways you can enhance your AI image generation experience, such as making your images generate faster or higher quality.

“Copilot Pro provides enhanced AI image creation with Image Creator from Designer (formerly Bing Image Creator),” said Microsoft. “Ensuring it’s faster with 100 boosts per day while bringing you more detailed image quality as well as landscape image format.” 

The Copilot Pro membership costs $20 per month and also offers users better assistance, priority access to the latest models, and the ability to create their own Copilot GPTs. 

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If you want to test Microsoft Designer, it is under free preview for anyone with a Microsoft account. Image Creator by Designer also remains free to use on its website, as well as when accessed through Copilot. 

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