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From Elon Musk predicting AI will destroy humanity to Microsoft unveiling how much it will cost to get Windows 10 security updates, it’s been an eventful week for news. Our team also exclusively reported on major Xbox news that could shape the future of gaming at Microsoft. We also covered some of the best ways to save money on laptops or handheld gaming and went hands-on with some of the latest gadgets.

Windows 10 security update cost

It will cost hundreds of dollars to receive Windows 10 security updates after October 2025. (Image credit: Future)

Windows 10 will stop receiving security updates in October 2025. That is, unless you pay a pretty penny to continue to receive updates. Microsoft announced an extended support program for Windows 10 earlier this year, so we already knew that security updates after the cutoff would cost money. We now know how much you’ll have to pay, at least if you’re a commercial customer. It’s not great news for those hoping to stick with Windows 10.

Getting updates after the October 2025 cutoff will cost you $61 per device, but that price doubles each year for three years. At $122 for the second year and $244 for the third year, keeping a device secure while running Windows 10 will be a costly endeavor. If you wait a year to start paying for updates, you’ll have to pay for the first year and second year.

Microsoft will reveal costs for individual customers later this year, though I wouldn’t hold my breath on an affordable option if I were you.

Of course, upgrading to Windows 11 is free and PCs on the new operating system will receive security updates. But not all PCs are able to upgrade to Windows 11 due to its minimum requirements.

Minecraft April Fools’ joke

Minecraft’s April Fools’ joke was so good that many wished it was real. (Image credit: Bing Image Creator)

Usually, news writers dislike April Fools’ Day. The holiday often leads to fake news reports that you have to discern from the truth. But Microsoft’s Minecraft team had some fun that many enjoyed. In fact, people enjoyed Minecraft’s April Fools’ Day joke so much that they wished it was real.

Minecraft received an update on April 1 that added poisonous potatoes, normal potatoes, and an entire poisonous potato dimension.

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Minecraft is the most purchased game of all time and generally considered one of the best sandbox games ever. That being said, the game hasn’t seen as many major updates in the last few years as it did during its early years. The April Fools’ Day update caused many to wish for more meaningful updates for Minecraft. Of course, it’s easier to add new skins and jokes than it is to make entire updates built for everyday use, but it’s a reasonable ask by Minecraft players.

Xbox exclusives

This week we exclusively covered two major pieces of Xbox news that will shape the future of gaming at Microsoft. (Image credit: Windows Central | Jez Corden)

This week we covered a different type of Xbox exclusive. Rather than games on a specific platform, our gaming experts shared two exclusive reports about Microsoft and its Xbox team. First, our Jez Corden reported that Xbox CVP Kareem Choudhry will leave Microsoft. Corden then followed with another exclusive report, the latter about Xbox President Sarah Bond setting up a new team focused on game preservation and forward compatibility.

Elon Musk and AI ending humanity

Elon Musk says there’s between a 10-20% chance of AI ending humanity. (Image credit: Tesla)

Will AI cause the end of humanity? Perhaps, but considering Copilot and ChatGPT struggle to make a simple white image, we’re probably a way off from Skynet. But an AI safety researcher claims that there is a 99.999999% probability of AI taking over humanity. Before you start building a bunker, Elon Musk says the chances are between 10 and 20 percent. Then again, considering Tesla’s margins for error, maybe Musk isn’t the best person to trust with percentages.

Even with Musk placing the chances of humanity’s doom at the hand of AI between 10 and 20%, the celebrity says it’s worth developing AI. “I think that the probable positive scenario outweighs the negative scenario,” said Musk at the Abundance Summit.

Reviews and Editorials

The Keychron Q6 Pro earned high marks in our review. (Image credit: Harish Jonnalagadda / Windows Central)

We don’t just cover the biggest news. We go hands on with the latest gadgets each week. Our experts reviewed the Dell XPS 14, ASUS Zenbook Duo, and Keychron’s Q6 Pro keyboard recently. Spoiler alert: all three devices earned spectacular reviews, but you’ll have to catch up with our team’s coverage to find out why!


(Image credit: Windows Central | Zachary Boddy)

Some of the bigger bargain events have wrapped up, but there are still great deals to be found. The ASUS ROG Ally is $100 off at Best Buy and delivers an excellent handheld gaming experience. Dell’s newly launched XPS 14 is already on sale despite coming out earlier this year. You can also get Microsoft’s Surface Pro 9 at a big discount, due in large part to a Surface Pro 10 being on the way.

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