Microsoft Says ‘No’ To Horror Game That’s Apparently ‘Too Crazy For Xbox’ – Pure Xbox

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It’s not very often we hear about games that Microsoft has literally blocked from appearing on the Xbox Store, but that’s apparently what’s happened in the case of Christmas Massacre, which arrives for PlayStation on November 17th.

The horror game, which originally launched back in 2021 for PC and has since received a “Very Positive” rating on Steam, was intended to release for PlayStation, Xbox and even Nintendo Switch this month, but the developer took to Twitter a few days ago to explain that both Xbox and Nintendo had apparently turned it down.

In another follow-up tweet, the developer suggested that both Microsoft and Nintendo wouldn’t allow the team to censor the game either, so it looks like Christmas Massacre is destined to remain a PlayStation console exclusive.

As for the game itself? Yeah… it’s pretty crazy. It’s described as an “80’s inspired stealth slasher” with PS1-style graphics in which your job is to go on a Christmas murder rampage without being caught. We’ve thrown the trailer up above.

“Deck the halls with gore and bloodshed! Larry’s Christmas tree has been telling him to kill all the people who’ve been naughty, but whose side is the tree really on? And can Larry even trust what he’s hearing?

CHRISTMAS MASSACRE is an 80’s inspired gore-drenched stealth slasher game with crusty, retro-style low-poly, graphics from horror developer Puppet Combo. Use Arcade-style stealth to stalk and murder your prey without being caught and switch between first and third-person camera modes to change the way you play. You must kill without being seen to complete each level. Can you satisfy your Christmas tree’s bloodlust in time before the holidays come to an end?”

What are your thoughts on this decision to block Christmas Massacre on Xbox? Tell us down below.

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