Monster Hunter’s Rathalos is ready for sci-fi battle in ridiculous Capcom crossover – Dexerto

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Published: 2023-11-02T12:55:45

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The dinosaur hunters of Exoprimal will be fighting something a bit stronger than a T-Rex, as Rathalos from the Monster Hunter series is coming as part of a crossover event.

Rathalos is the most famous creature from the Monster Hunter series. As such, it has appeared in several video game crossovers, such as a boss encounter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, an enemy in Final Fantasy XIV, and a secret foe in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

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Being a giant wyvern that can tackle multiple experienced hunters in battle, it makes sense that Rathalos works as a boss in other video games. This is why it’s a good fit for Exoprimal, another Capcom title about warriors fighting hordes of dinosaurs using science-fiction technology.

Exoprimal has already crossed over with Street Fighter 6, bringing cosmetic skins based on Ryu, Guile, and Chun-Li to the game. The next crossover will bring something more substantial to Exoprimal for those skilled enough to challenge something fiercer than a dinosaur.

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Rathalos from Monster Hunter is coming to Exoprimal in 2024

Details about the Monster Hunter crossover with Exoprimal have been revealed in a new trailer on the Capcom USA YouTube channel. This event begins on January 18, 2024, bringing new fights and skins to the game.

The biggest attraction of the Monster Hunter crossover is a boss fight with Rathalos. True to his appearance in his source game, Rathalos can fly and breathe fire, though it’s unclear if it can use its powerful poison attacks. Like in Monster Hunter, the warriors of Exoprimal can slice off Rathalos’ tail in battle, should they get lucky.

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Along with the Rathalos battle, the Monster Hunter event adds new skins to Exoprimal. These include several outfits based on Monster Hunter armor, including Rathalos and Kirin sets. There’s also a Rajang costume based on the creature, letting players dress up like a terrifying ape monster.

The Monster Hunter collaboration with Exoprimal might be the most obvious choice, especially as Capcom owns both franchises. The fact that both Monster Hunter Rise and Exoprimal are on Game Pass means that players on Xbox systems can try both series out for themselves and see how they stack up against each other in preparation for the crossover.

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