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Published: 2023-11-11T16:23:12  ❘   Updated: 2023-11-11T16:23:22

Much like the previous four entries, MW3 doesn’t feature a classic Prestige system, and some players are not happy with that design choice.

Modern Warfare 2019 marked the next step in Call of Duty’s evolution, as it introduced a shift in Activision and the developers’ post-launch support of a title. Whether it be guns, maps, or modes, each new season brought something new to the game.

However, Modern Warfare 2019 also lost the classic identity of CoD as the beloved Prestige system was gutted in favor of a seasonal model. For the unaware, hitting the maximum rank would let you restart your grind with the new cosmetic rewards to grind through.

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The classic Prestige system has been gone since 2019, and MW3 has no plans of bringing it back. 

MW3 players upset with lack of Prestige levels at launch


The current Prestige model sees the developers add new levels to grind each season. For example, Season 6 of MW2 introduced four more Prestige levels.

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While that’s fine and dandy for the dedicated fan base, waiting until a new season update for another set of levels to grind through isn’t a good design choice. 

With the current level cap at 55 in MW3, some players aren’t happy since they’ve already reached that cap. 100 Thieves content creator Sam “Octane” Larew is one of those players, and he took to Twitter/X to voice his dislike of the current level cap.

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The responses echoed Octane’s feelings, with one user replying: “Legit sad prestige’s need to come back.” “We’re playing an algorithm not a game brother,” another commented. Interestingly enough, his comments reflect the “evolution” CoD’s post-launch support has gone through.

For now, all eyes turn towards Season 1, which will arrive sometime in early December. Though Prestige levels will likely be added then, it’s a long wait for MW3’s most dedicated players.

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