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Google’s Nest Wifi Pro is a stellar product and one that’s still a leading option among home networking gear. As with anything, though, a new generation is always in the pipeline, but a new icon for the “Nest Wifi Pro 2” isn’t what it seems.

Back in August of this year, we reported on the existence of “Brezza,” a new Nest Wifi product that would carry the model number GS4VD and, based on the available information, would be nearly identical to the existing Nest Wifi Pro. However, there’s still no word on when that product may be launching.

Fast forward to this month, and a new icon for “Nest Wifi Pro 2” has appeared in Google’s Material Symbols & Icons library. A reader of Android Police highlighted the icon and further pointed out a GitHub commit from mid-August that included this new icon as well.

However, on further inspection, it quickly becomes clear that this icon isn’t for a Nest Wifi Pro sequel.

For one, the GitHub commit for “Nest Wifi Pro 2” was submitted by Google on the exact same date as the “Nest Wifi Pro” icon, August 11 of this year. This seems to point to Google simply having two separate icons for the Nest Wifi Pro.

That’s further backed up by the fact that this icon for “Nest Wifi Pro 2” is actually currently in use in the Google Home app with the existing Nest Wifi Pro, as seen below. Rather, it’s the icon listed in Google’s library as “Nest Wifi Pro” that is not being used in the Home app.

While we’re definitely looking forward to seeing what Google has in store for a Nest Wifi Pro sequel, the truth is that, for now, we still don’t know much about what’s coming. But, on the bright side, that means the existing model is still a good buy.

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