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Neural and psychological AI company NeuroBrave has partnered with Sourasky Medical Center’s Functional Neurology Unit in Tel Aviv, Israel to accelerate research into complex neurological conditions. 

The collaboration seeks to utilize AI for real-time translation of thoughts and intentions, which will allow completely paralyzed patients to effectively communicate with others and operate computers and mobile devices. 

NeuroBrave is an Israel-based emotional and cognitive wearables and audio device company. Its AI-enabled NeuroSpeed OS platform is used to decode biomarkers and neuromarkers of emotional, cognitive and behavioral states in real time. 

“NeuroBrave unique AI and genAI infrastructure, and the ability to translate, in real-time, neural information into cognitive and emotional insights, combined with the skilled hands and clinical expertise of TASMC Functional Neurosurgery Unit, will enable Israel to join the ‘Brain Chip Race,’ alongside Elon Musk’s Neuralink, and Synchron Inc, having Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos as stakeholders,” Dror Talisman, cofounder and CEO of NeuroBrave, said in a statement. 


In June of last year, the Israeli company partnered with Garmin Health solutions to treat and improve mental wellness and anxiety. The process uses generative AI to decode raw data biometrics into usable insights and neuromarkers. 

Two months later, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center partnered with AI and analytics company Duality Technologies. The partnership enables safe, effective cancer data collection. 

In December, NeuroBrave received an undisclosed amount in a seed funding round led by Venture Israel with additional participation from Labs/02 and Samurai Incubate. NeuroBrave said it would use the funds to accelerate research and go-to-market activities. 

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