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The new MMO in the works from World of Warcraft veterans will tackle the player character being the hero of the story in a manner similar to Destiny 2.

Earlier this month, Greg Street and several other ex-World of Warcraft veterans unveiled Fantastic Pixel Castle, their new studio, and a debut MMO codenamed Ghost. The studio held a Q&A with viewers on YouTube earlier this month, where it was asked whether the game’s story, world, and characters would treat every player character as the game’s hero.

“A lot of RPGs have the benefit of having one player and having them be the center of the story,” said Shanti Bless, vice president of IP at Fantastic Pixel Castle. “MMORPGs have thousands of thousands of players and so it’s a little bit more unwieldy to have something like ‘the chosen one,’ because you have to ignore the other thousands of chosen ones around you. 

“What we’re going with is something much closer to how Destiny does it, for example – where you’re part of an elite crew or group that has powers greater than the average NPC or civilian you’ll see on the street,” Bless continued. “This gives us room to introduce NPC characters, develop their arcs alongside you, and have it feel like you don’t have the entire burden of the universe on your shoulders. You have others to bear it with and adventure alongside.”

From the sounds of the comments, it seems like Ghost will have the player acting as part of a larger faction among the wider game’s world. The MMO isn’t going the route of Final Fantasy 14, for example, where the player character is undoubtedly the hero of the story with the famed ‘Warrior of Light’ moniker.

Ghost still doesn’t have a release date, and given Fantastic Pixel Castle was only announced earlier this year, don’t expect a release window for a good while yet.

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