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Although the first model of the PlayStation 5 was released back in Nov. 2020, Sony just dropped a new refresh of the gaming console that’s slimmer and sleeker.

The new PS5 “Slim” model, which is priced at $499 at Walmart and $499.99 at Amazon and Target, is more than 30% smaller by volume and 18% lighter than the previous model. However, it has the same specs and features, including backwards compatibility with PS4 games, up to 120fps with 120Hz output for very smooth action with little-to-no motion blur, 4K gaming with HDR picture quality for vibrant and bright colors and darker black levels.


PlayStation 5 Slim

Bundled with ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III’

The PS5 Slim features four USB ports (two front USB-C and two back USB-A) for inputs, peripherals and expansion, while it comes with HDMI out and Ethernet ports. Sony bummed up its on-board storage too with 1TB of space instead of 825GB from the last version.


PlayStation 5 Slim

Bundled with ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’

Since this is the disc edition of the console, it comes with a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray drive that’s detachable to make it even slimmer when not in use. Meanwhile, the PS5 Slim keeps its white look and feel from the original, but now includes a new four-panel design (top two panels are glossy, while the bottom two are matte) that makes it more customizable.

Sony’s new console is bundled with “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III” at Amazon and Target and “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” at Amazon and Walmart. The games themselves retail for $69.99 each, but Sony includes either one for free with the PS5 Slim when you buy from one of the retailers. It also comes with a Sony PS5 DualSense wireless controller, an HDMI cable, an AC power cable and a horizontal stand. Unfortunately, the vertical stand is not included.

Available for $499 at Walmart and $499.99 at Amazon and Target, the new Sony PlayStation 5 Slim model (Disc Edition) with “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” or “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III” are out now. You can watch a brief teaser trailer for the console, below.

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