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Foxconn and NVIDIA are teaming up to battle the future of AI, with Foxconn chairman Liu Yangwei saying yesterday that we’ll see the progress of what the companies have been working on, later this year.


The two companies have teamed up for three major platforms: AI factories, AI smart manufacturing, and AI smart electric vehicles. Foxconn is expected to ramp up its support with NVIDIA in building next-gen Blackwell GB200 AI servers, which was announced at the 2024 Taipei International Automotive Electronics Show.

The Foxconn executive flew to the United States to personally attend NVIDIA’s recent GTC (GPU Technology Conference), where he said that the two companies would be working on AI factories and that “everyone will soon see some construction on NVIDIA’s AI factories”.

Liu Yangwei said that the AI cooperation between Foxconn and NVIDIA isn’t limited to just AI factories but also AI smart manufacturing, AI smart electric vehicles, and more. These are all in the planning stages right now, with progress expected later this year.

Foxconn will split the computing board of GB200 AI servers with Wistron, while the switchboard is solely owned by Foxconn, while the server cabinets NVIDIA and its customers require is “still in the bidding stage,” reports UDN, between Foxconn and Quanta. At the same time, “Inventec and Wistron all have a chance to win”.

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