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NVIDIA’s highly-anticipated GTC 2024 Conference is just days away, and the firm has given developers a sneak peek of its next-gen Blackwell AI GPUs.

NVIDIA’s GTC 2024 Will Set The Tone For The Upcoming AI Markets Will Feature New Hardware & Software Announcements Including Next-Gen Blackwell AI GPUs

The eyes of the industry are on how NVIDIA will move into the future in the era of AI, and the GTC 2024 does note a pivotal moment in the company’s journey ahead. More importantly, this year’s GTC will also be a physical event, & it is expected to welcome 16,000 members, a massive increase from the last time we saw an in-person GTC.

Reuters reports that NVIDIA has given developers a sneak peek about what they should anticipate, showcasing the upcoming Blackwell AI GPUs and the significant advancements in the firm’s CUDA platform.

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Starting with Blackwell GPUs, NVIDIA sees it as the next big “AI weapon” of the market, potentially replacing the H100 in popularity.

In terms of the specifications, we aren’t sure what it could come with, but seeing the rumors in the past, the Blackwell GPUs could utilize a chiplet (MCM) design or stick with a monolithic design for now and move to a multi-package solution in its revision next year. The accelerator will also feature HBM3e memory, possibly higher memory capacities, upgraded specs, and enhanced features such as 16-Hi stacks though a refreshed model could also adopt the next-gen HBM4 standard. Moreover, Dell’s SvP recently pointed out that they are making sure their cooling solutions provide up to 1000W cooling capacity for these chips, which isn’t huge considering the computing power you get from these things.

Apart from new advancements in the firm’s AI hardware portfolio, NVIDIA is expected to showcase generational upgrades within CUDA’s platform, which plays a vital role in the AI performance the accelerators can achieve. While we aren’t sure what kind of improvements we can see within the stack, it will help refine the NVIDIA ecosystem, not allowing competitors to fill in the gaps.

Image Source: NVIDIA

NVIDIA’s GTC 2024 is expected to be held on 18th March and is set to revolutionize the AI industry in every way possible. It will be interesting to see what sort of approach Team Green takes from hereon, as it would define the firm’s market presence and financial performance.

NVIDIA Data Center / AI GPU Roadmap

GPU Codename X Rubin Blackwell Hopper Ampere Volta Pascal
GPU Family GX200 GR100 GB200 GH200/GH100 GA100 GV100 GP100
GPU SKU X100 R100 B100/B200 H100/H200 A100 V100 P100
Memory HBM4e? HBM4? HBM3e HBM2e/HBM3/HBM3e HBM2e HBM2 HBM2
Launch 202X 2025 2024 2022-2024 2020-2022 2018 2016
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