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A.K.I. is the newest combatant to join Street Fighter 6’s roster. Unfortunately, early impressions from many of the pros painted her as being one of the weakest characters in Street Fighter 6. “Doesn’t matter who plays A.K.I. or how you play A.K.I., she’s undoubtedly in the bottom tier,” said BST|Daigo late last month.

However, Diaphone was one of the players that held onto hope that A.K.I. still had some potential as a “respectable mid tier.” In Diaphone’s latest video, he admits that he has since flipped on this idea and is now saying that A.K.I. is “trash.”

“I tried to gaslight myself into thinking that A.K.I. had potential to be a mid tier character. I lied,” said Diaphone at the beginning of the video. “After playing this character for over a month, I finally see the light. She’s trash.

Indeed, a Tweet back from early October has Diaphone vocalizing his then belief that A.K.I. was a respectable mid tier. In his video, Diaphone claims that A.K.I. is potentially the weakest character in the entire game.

Throughout the video, Diaphone highlights a bunch of problems for A.K.I. such as her bad neutral, non-cancellable normals, weakness to jumps, a predictable fireball, and more.

Check it all out below:

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