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Artificial intelligence seems to have become the main focus of many tech companies. Everyone has a chatbot these days and while this is certainly not a bad thing, it’s probably going to take some time before the AI will be used for truly meaningful tasks like discovering treatments for diseases or solutions to prevent global warming.Opera is one of the companies that invested heavily in AI. Opera One, its rather new AI-focused browser, is an attempt to offer users an innovative experience to those looking for such a product.

Over the weekend, Opera announced it’s starting an AI Feature Drops program to provide users with even more AI-powered features. Opera One’s developer version will allow users to test new AI features on a bi-weekly basis thanks to this new AI Feature Drops initiative.

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Unlike other AI-centric browsers, Opera One features a native browser AI, which promises to improve the users’ browsing experience without the need for additional paid services or extensions.

Dubbed Aria, the Opera One integrated native AI offers free access to a GPT-based solution and real-time web data. Aria can also be trained to write in the user’s unique style.

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