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Published: 2024-01-21T01:09:11  ❘   Updated: 2024-01-21T01:16:54

Despite some harsh changes to Overwatch 2’s latest hero, Mauga mains seem to be enjoying playing as him a lot more. Here’s what they had to say.

Mauga showed up as a fresh face at the beginning of Overwatch 2, Season 8. After four years since his first appearance in the What You Left Behind short, players can finally get to know more about Baptiste’s former ally.

The muscular Samoan hero wields two miniguns capable of dealing damage and igniting those in his way. Meanwhile, the rest of his kit enables him to charge into a team fight, heal himself, and trap enemies in a cage fight. 

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What seemed like a good kit on paper has turned out to be quite problematic, with Mauga reportedly dominating the ranked ladder and having the second-highest win rate according to Overbuff, despite receiving several nerfs and changes. 

Blizzard Entertainment

It had gotten to a point where players had to switch up their comp to hard counters in order to increase their chances of winning against Mauga. A Mauga versus Mauga fight also became quite the norm, and it didn’t take long for players to slam him as a boring hero to play against

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Following this, Blizzard has tweaked his health, abilities, and cooldowns in a recent patch, giving him the pretty harsh nerf that some players have been demanding. Surprisingly, Mauga mains seem to welcome these changes as opposed to being upset by them.

A player has shared their thoughts in a Reddit thread, claiming that he is “more fun now that he’s not overtuned.” According to the OP, playing as Mauga is more enjoyable as it now requires him to “put far more effort to win.”

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“Charge still feels a little bit more slippery, but I’m enjoying Mauga as much as I did during his trial,” the OP added. So far, this take has been well-received by other Mauga players.

Agreeing with the OP, one response said, “Yeah, I don’t enjoy heroes that are overpowered, and everyone playing him didn’t help either, cause a Mauga mirror every now and then is okay, but every single match it was one of the most boring experiences for me in Overwatch.”

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“Yeah, I feel like I have to actually think about when to charge in and use Cardiac instead of just jumping on the enemy’s tank head the first chance I get and unloading into them for an entire team fight,” another chimed in.

All in all, the recent balance changes to Mauga seem to be heading in the right direction, at least according to Mauga players.

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