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While Pact welcomes the opportunities that AI brings to the TV and film sector – such as creating efficiencies and enhancing the creative process – it also acknowledges that the technology comes with risks that need to be navigated carefully.

1. Pact

The principles and guidance have been developed with Pact’s AI working group and industry experts. The working group is comprised of producer members from both large and small production companies working across a range of genres.

Pact said the statement of principles and guidance will be iterative and will be updated as new developments come to its attention.

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John McVay, Pact CEO, said: “AI has long been used in the TV and film industry, but this fast-moving technology brings with it risks as well as opportunities. That is why Pact has worked with AI experts to develop a framework for members to be able to assess the risks involved, as well as maximising the opportunities to continue to create quality content.”

Generative AI Principles

1. Respecting copyright: Pact considers that copyright works should be protected from being used illegally in contravention of UK copyright law.

2. Valuing human creativity: Pact believes in the value of human creativity and artistic talent in the production process. This cannot be replaced by AI.

3. Responsibility and accountability: Pact considers that there should be transparency over the use of generative AI tools within the production process. Pact members will continue to take responsibility for all content that they produce.

4. Diversity and inclusion: Pact supports minimising and mitigating bias in AI models, and encourages members to use generative AI tools that have been developed to express diversity.

5. Data Privacy: Pact agrees that privacy must be protected and promoted throughout the AI lifecycle and production process.

Generative AI Guidance

To accompany the principles, the Pact generative AI guidance has been developed by looking at how AI is used at each stage of the production process. During each stage, producers are asked to consider the risks and opportunities of using generative AI.

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