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A freaky AI-generated video has shown people what exactly hell would look like.

Published Apr 3, 2024, 14:49:28 GMT+1Last updated Apr 3, 2024, 14:48:47 GMT+1

An AI-generated video has shown people what hell would look like and it has, quite understandably, left people feeling pretty unsettled.

The increased use of artificial intelligence has been a useful tool for many, whether it assists people with their grammar, helps write emails, or even plans an itinerary for vacations.

However, many people are worried that it could get out-of-hand and develop quicker than we can work out how to deal with it.

TikTok has seen many trends asking AI to depict certain things, such as the stereotypical British person, but this time, it may have gone that step too far that we mentioned…

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A new video is circulating on X after an account asked AI to depict what hell looks like. And if you can’t imagine that it looks pretty, that’s where you would be correct.

It’s almost like picturing what you think hell might look like, and then timesing that by your worst nightmare.

The video, shared on the X account Historic Vids, shows lots of hands in a cramped dark space, reaching up to grab a body that is sliding downwards through them all.

And it actually gets stranger.

The clip then portrays a face that is screaming, and another which is highly distorted and keeps getting replaced by hands.

It feels like a trailer from the scariest horror film… check it out:

Not to mention the background noise, that consists of hundreds of screaming and shouting voices, alongside other sounds which you can’t really make out.

It definitely feels like the very last place you want to go when it’s all over, that’s for sure.

People had mixed emotions about the clip, with most left terrified.

One person on X said: “I won’t be able to sleep tonight,” as another joked: “Looks like a Black Friday store rush.”

And a third said: “This is the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

It’s certainly unsettling.


One person even said the video made them feel ‘claustrophobic’.

This isn’t the only time AI has given us cause for concern.

AI expert Eliezer Yudkowsky has suggested that artificial intelligence may destroy humankind in just two years.

Speaking to The Guardian, he said: “If you put me to a wall and forced me to put probabilities on things, I have a sense that our current remaining timeline looks more like five years than 50 years.

“Could be two years, could be 10. The difficulty is, people do not realise, we have a shred of a chance that humanity survives.”

This all sounds really promising…

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