PlayStation 5 “Slim” teardowns show changes to cooling and the same 6nm SoC –

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First teardowns of PlayStation 5 ‘Slim’

The updated PlayStation 5 console, commonly called “Slim” is a new design for an existing gaming system that will gradually replace the original version. The design is indeed thinner and lighter, but it is not officially called Slim. The console has been available for sale for a week now, but only in some places while the official launch and broader availability is expected in the coming weeks.

PS5 Slim vs. PS5, Source: Dave2D

One of these consoles was obtained by Dave2D and LinusTechTips who spared no time in taking them apart. They explain the differences in the design, such as the move from two panel cover design to quad-panel or how easy it is to remove the disc drive. Those who purchase the new PS5 console will be able to add the disc drive later, should that be required. The drive has been getting some attention lately, as Sony will require an online account login to enable the drive when it’s first used.

PS5 Slim, Source: LinusTechTips

The new slimmer version of PS5 has 5 heat pipes and a smaller baseplate compared to the previous edition with 4 heatpipes and a larger baseplate. Sony engineers have worked hard to squeeze as much heatsink around the fan as possible, which also sees a change to a 19 blade design.

Linus took measurements of the console in a noise-cancelling chamber. They concluded that the Slim version is a slightly quieter version, but it generates more noise from the direction where the disc drive is located.

PS5 Slim vs. PS Fan Noise, Source: LinusTechTips

The design change doesn’t come with an updated processor. Sony has already changed the PS5 chip from a 7nm to a 6nm node, but the new Slim version doesn’t change in that area. The measurement of the PS5 processor die by Linus confirmed that the Slim version uses the same 6nm Oberon Plus chip as the newer variant already on the market. This explains why there was no change in power consumption between both systems.

PS5 Slim Chip Measurement, Source: LinusTechTips

The new version of PlayStation 5 is to hit the market shortly. Sony has not confirmed the exact date, but some systems are clearly already in retail as shown by other people.

Source: Dave2D, Linus Tech Tips

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