Pokémon Co. President on AI and the changes of Pokémon – GoNintendo

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Q: Are there any technologies you keep your eyes on?

A: I am interested in the evolution of generative artificial intelligence. I think Sam Altman, CEO of the U.S. startup OpenAI, which developed the interactive artificial intelligence-powered chatbot ChatGPT, is a unique person. He seems to be predicting the arrival of a new world, like Google did with its groundbreaking search engine.

Q: How do you see generative AI?

A: Generative AI is definitely a useful technology. Google Maps has become an indispensable tool when moving around, and generative AI has more potential than that. Initially, there may be issues such as privacy, but the technology won’t go away. Instead, those issues will be solved gradually, leading to an environment with a new normal in which people can use generative AI technologies in their daily lives.

Not only AI, but also things like a digital global currency as well as home nuclear reactors and other stuff will be adopted by society sooner or later, and will become like the smartphones we can’t let go of.

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