Pokemon Go player in disbelief after finding outrageously rare Shadow Shiny – Dexerto

Pokemon Go player in disbelief after finding outrageously rare Shadow Shiny – Dexerto

Published: 2023-11-14T11:58:45  ❘   Updated: 2023-11-14T11:58:55

A Pokemon Go player has shared their incredible luck online, having caught a Shiny Shadow Bellsprout with high stats, any combination of which is rare on its own.

In Pokemon Go, Shadow Pokemon are encountered once Team Rocket members are defeated in battle. This means that players are not only at the whim of Team Rocket appearing but also them carrying the Shadow Pokemon they want.

On top of that, a chance of Pokemon with high IVs is rare on its own, often referred to as a “hundo,” but a Shiny version (also called a “shundo” if it also has perfect IVs) is even rarer. Shiny Pokemon are incredibly difficult to encounter, even in special Pokemon Go events that increase the odds.

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One Pokemon Go player hit the jackpot, as they managed to get the pick of the litter regarding rare traits in a single Pokemon.


One astronomically lucky Pokemon Go player caught a Shiny Shadow Bellsprout

A user on the Pokemon Go Reddit named pokemonburner1 has revealed that they caught a Shiny Shadow version of Bellsprout with near-perfect stats. All these elements combined make it a valuable Pokemon, especially for fans of the Bellsprout line.

“Awesome catch!!! Totally good one. I’ve never gotten a shiny from a grunt or a leader. And no shundo yet. So make sure u star that thing so can’t accidentally send it to professor” one user writes, while another says, “When will it be my turn, 5 years without a single shadow shiny.”

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Shiny Pokemon are often easier to encounter in Pokemon Go, thanks to the regular events that increase their odds, but the Shadow Shiny Bellsprout with great stats is still an incredible find. It can take years to find even a single Shadow Shiny, even with the better odds.

Much of the thread’s discussion is about whether the OP should purify the Shadow Pokemon. Purifying a Pokemon increases its stats, but it removes its Shadow status, meaning it will turn into a regular shundo and will no longer be a Shadow Shiny.

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Regardless of the OP’s choice, they will still have a rare Pokemon in their collection. The Shadow Shiny Bellsprout is something that will look cool in Pokemon Go while purifying it and sending it to a mainline game will give them a powerful Shiny Pokemon to use on their next journey.