Pokemon Go player reaches an “amazing” 2.5 billion XP with a loyal pup – Dexerto

Pokemon Go player reaches an “amazing” 2.5 billion XP with a loyal pup – Dexerto

Published: 2023-11-14T22:03:55  ❘   Updated: 2023-11-14T22:04:07

One dedicated Pokemon Go player has hit a remarkable milestone, all with one very friendly Pokemon by their side, and the community is impressed.

Pokemon Go can be a slog, but that’s what live service games are all about. Plenty of people who started playing back in 2016 are still quite far away from that daunting level 50 cap.

Of course, some dedicated fans are already there, with plenty even pushing for Niantic to increase the cap to sixty. Still, even among the highest tier of players, there are some awe-inspiring feats.

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One trainer decided to share their achievements on Twitter, and fans have gone wild over their dedication to the game. Meanwhile, it’s made all the cuter thanks to the trainer’s commitment to their favorite Pokemon.

Niantic/The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go player shares seriously impressive stockpile of 2.5B XP

Pokemon Go player seibu4000 took to their Twitter account, and shared a post showing them reaching the phenomenal 2.5 billion XP milestone. but this achievement is made cuter because of how they finally crossed the line.

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In photos shared by seibu4000, they are on the cusp of their achievement with 2,499,988,000 XP, meaning just a simple 2,000 would get them over the edge.

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Instead of a raid, or anything flashy, seibu4000 shared that they used their shiny Lillipup (which Google translate suggests may be called Tinkle) and evolved it into a Herdier to finally reach the staggering total of 2,500,000,000 XP.

Yes, that is the right amount of zeroes, and yes, that’s 2.5 billion XP. Other Pokemon Go players took to the comments to congratulate seibu4000, with one calling the milestone “amazing” while seibu replied saying they’re ready to “work my way up to 3B XP“.

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While we don’t know if we’ll be waiting until that fabled 3B XP to see Tinkle evolve into a Stoutland, Tinkle the Herdier is clearly a very good boy already. They might not be as rare as this outrageously lucky catch, but there’s a reason Lillipup is clearly this trainer’s best friend.