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Published: 2024-01-20T22:46:50  ❘   Updated: 2024-01-20T22:47:02

Pokemon Go players were blown away by one fan’s Berry Garden feature concept, with some calling the idea “perfect” for the mobile game.

While the mobile spin-off title Pokemon Go has adapted many features present in the mainline series of games, there are still many that haven’t made their way to phones.

One of these features is the concept of planting, nurturing, and growing berries through the use of bushes. While Berries are a valuable resource in Pokemon Go, players can’t grow their own.

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Now, one Pokemon Go player created an in-depth concept for a Berry Garden mechanic, and fans were blown away by the hypothetical mechanic.

Pokemon Go player creates “perfect” Berry Garden feature

The concept itself came from a user on TheSilphRoad subreddit named gameheros, who made a post titled, “Pokémon Go Concept: Berry Gardens & New Bag Management.”

The post included twelve images that laid out the foundation for the concept and explained how it would function in the mobile game.

According to the OP, Berry Gardens would essentially function similarly to Gyms, would be scattered across the map, and would be open to all players.

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Players would contribute Berries of a certain type to specific bushes to grow more powerful versions of that Berry and even host Water-type Pokemon at the Garden to help bushes grow faster.

Fans in the comments loved the idea and expressed interest in having more POIs on the in-game map. “I really want something new on the map. This is perfect.”

Some fans pointed out that a similar concept was actually in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which was also developed by Niantic. “They had this mechanic in Wizards Unite. Seeds/watering/other players buffing the harvest,” one fan said. “It worked nicely there…so arguably they actually know how to do this.”

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The OP also outlined ways to streamline Bag Storage, introduce new Berries, and much more. Based on community reception, the development team may want to take some notes.

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