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Published: 2023-11-10T18:12:26  ❘   Updated: 2023-11-10T18:12:26

A Pokemon TCG collector had their delivery of rare Van Gogh cards destroyed by animals after the driver left the package outside. Now, some of them are on the menu for Thanksgiving.

When The Pokemon Company released a promotional video for a collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Reddit user Mrpuffpuff196 knew he wanted to get his hands on the product.

The promotion took place on The Pokemon Center store as well as at the museum, promising to explore the inspiration that Van Gogh drew from Japanese prints during his years with the French impressionists. One of the key cards, Pikachu with Felt Hat, is the most expensive English Pikachu card, with a market value of $161.36 at the time of writing.

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However, scalpers reared their heads and the promos were sold out in record time. The Pokémon Center store even went down from the ridiculous levels of traffic.

One collector managed to order the set in time, but when it arrived, things didn’t work out as planned.

Pokemon TCG collector sees Van Gogh cards ruined in delivery

They said: “FedEx driver threw the package into my yard while I was at school and the animals got ahold of it.”

Some users looked at it from the worker’s perspective – the one who handled the delivery. One said: “Yeah I’m not coming in anyone’s yard with loose ass dogs. Sorry it happened, but you gotta put them dogs up when you’re expecting packages. Clearly, they aren’t super well-behaved.”

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The poster shot back: “They’re not dogs. My mom has goats she lets roam free in our yard.”

And speaking to Dexerto, Mrpuffpuff196 said there were also a pig and turkeys on the property.

In the Reddit post, many fans of the Trading Card Game said this was ‘karma’ for engaging in scalping anyway, as the collector said: “Her goats ate half my paycheck.”

So, what happened next?

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Some of the animals are now on the Thanksgiving menu

The Montana-based collector explained why they were buying the cards in the first place, responding to scalper accusations.

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He said: “They looked cool. My mom is also an artist and has loved Van Gogh, so I think that played a part. But mainly, it was one of the first promos in a while where I went… I need that.”

They had purchased the cards at school but came home to a big mess.

The Pokemon Company

This Pikachu card was one of the most sought-after in the set.

“I actually went to the bathroom in history class and stayed in there for 40 minutes pacing back and force with my phone and debit card trying for stuff,” they added. “I ended up getting 6 packs of sleeves for the personal collection.

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“Got home, parked by the garage, and saw this… Then I circled around and found the others, taking inventory.”

Between the pig, turkeys, and goats – the box had been torn open and the rare cards were sprawled across the yard. He says after contacting FedEx support and making a complaint, nothing happened, but what about the animals?

Mrpuffpuff explained that the farm animals are always outside, adding: “They’re not my animals and I don’t particularly like them… they don’t go inside and they’re happy with that!”

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After we asked what was next for the animals, he added: “She has two turkeys in the same yard that we will be eating on Thanksgiving.”

The collector has kept hold of all the cards from the set and says they ate around $300 worth of items from the set. As for scalping issues in the Pokemon TCG community, Mrpuffpuff says it is hurting the main demographic – children.

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