Porsche’s Turbo lineup is synonymous with performance, but it’s getting a little more prestigious thanks to a handful of exclusive touches.

While regular models are getting an updated version of the company’s classic crest, Turbo variants will receive an all-new “Turbonite” badge. It trades the traditional golden hue for a darker aesthetic that combines black with an “elegant metallic grey tone.”

The Turbonite color won’t be limited to the crest as Porsche hinted “further details such as the inlays in the front fascia, the spokes, or the aeroblades in light alloy wheels” could come in the same color, “depending on the model line.” We can also expect to see the elegant finish applied to window surrounds and model lettering.

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Porsche Turbo Lineup Gets Exclusive Turbonite Badge And Accents

Inside, the Turbonite badge will be featured on the steering wheel of upcoming Turbo variants. Porsche added that customers can look forward to Turbonite trim, seat belts, and switchgear.

Furthermore, vehicles equipped with black interiors will use Turbonite as a contrasting color for the stitching on the seats, the door panel trim, instrument panel, and floor mats. However, details will vary by model.

We’ll get a better idea of what to expect when the redesigned Panamera debuts on November 24 as it will be the first to receive the upgrades. However, it won’t be the last as the changes will eventually spread to other vehicles to emphasize the exclusivity and performance of the Turbo trim.

Style Porsche Vice President Michael Mauer noted the company introduced the first 911 Turbo nearly 50 years ago and the moniker has gone on to become “more or less a brand of its own.” He went on to explain the automaker now wants to “make the Turbo even more visible, and differentiate it more markedly from other derivatives such as the GTS.” As part of this effort, they’ve “developed a distinctive Turbo aesthetic” that will see “Turbo versions … exhibit a consistent appearance across all model lines – one that is elegant, high-quality and very special.”