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Retro Studios is best known for its work on the Metroid and Donkey Kong franchises. Still, the developer has dabbled in a number of intriguing projects that have unfortunately wound up on the cutting room floor.

DidYouKnowGaming is back with another deep dive video looking into the studio’s history, specifically detailing 8 projects that have, for one reason or another, ended up being cancelled.

The first is a project known as ‘Adept’, which the studio started working on after development on Metroid Prime 3: Corruption had concluded. The game again utilised the first-person perspective and is perhaps best described as ‘Portal with combat’, with the player able to shoot ‘cylinders’ that could instantly transport enemies, potentially trapping them or leading them away from the player.

In addition to the regular cylinders, ‘force cylinders’ could also be used to aid jumping, or placed strategically to allow for the transportation of objects. ‘Attract cylinders’, meanwhile, were used to either allow the player to draw in healing items from a distance, or reverse an enemy’s attack, causing their projectiles to fly back into them.

It certainly sounds like an intriguing idea, and when designer Paul Touzer pitched the game to the studio, Retro was fully on board. Unfortunately, however, when Kensuke Tanabe at Nintendo took a look at the game, he wasn’t convinced by the premise and ultimately passed on the project.

This is just 1 of the 8 games detailed, so be sure to check out the video above if you’re interested in finding out more. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the history of Retro Studios and its cancelled projects. Let’s just hope Metroid Prime 4 doesn’t join them, huh?

What do you make of the cancelled projects over at Retro Studios? Are they any you would have liked see come to fruition? Let us know with a comment.

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