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The ReactOS project today published their latest newesletter that outlines development progress made in recent months for this open-source operating system project striving for binary compatibility with Windows device drivers and application/user-space software.

The 22 year old open-source project continues pushing forward for providing a free software OS that has driver and application/game compatibility with Windows Server 2003 and later versions of Microsoft Windows. While they don’t yet have a solid idea yet when their next release will be in the form of ReactOS 0.4.15, they are making progress on the effort.

Some of the latest ReactOS achievements include big improvements to ReactOS kernel debugging, continued UEFI boot improvements for booting on more hardware, UI/shell improvements, more work around Microsoft DirectX support, and compatibility preparations for NT6+ application support as focused on for better Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 software support. The NT6+ compatibility support is still considered experimental at this point.

In case you missed other ReactOS news, they are working on an improved GUI setup process and also have been able to boot ReactOS on the Valve Steam Deck as part of their UEFI improvements and other hardware compatibility work. Much ReactOS development and testing though continues to happen within virtual machines (VMs).

Here’s a screenshot shared by the ReactOS project in their latest newsletter to showcase some of the latest shell enhancements for this open-source operating system:

ReactOS November development state

Those wishing to learn more about the ongoing ReactOS operating system development can see Newsletter 103 for all the highlights.

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