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These Black Friday weeks at Samsung offer a great opportunity for customers to buy new tech for their homes while saving a lot of cash. Samsung has launched numerous Black Friday deals on TVs, but today, we’re talking specifically about projectors.

Samsung’s two main projectors are The Freestyle and The Premiere. The Freestyle is a portable projector with built-in smart TV capabilities, while The Premiere is a bigger but more powerful projector for your home.

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For Black Friday, Samsung offers a $500 discount on The Premiere, which drops the 120-inch model from $3,499 to $2,999 and the 130-inch variant from $6,499 to $5,999. In addition, the company offers a $1,000 discount on the rollable screen.

As for the smaller, cheaper, and highly portable Freestyle 2nd Gen, Samsung offers a bundle discount. The projector is $799, but if you also buy a new pair of Galaxy Buds 2, you can save 50% on the wireless earbuds.

Which Samsung projector should you buy for Black Friday?

The Premiere deal is better, but this is a more expensive projector, to begin with. It offers a 120-inch/13-inch viewing area, 4K image resolution, and cutting-edge three-laser technology that can deliver 2200 ANSI Lumens. This projector is a costlier solution for customers who want a closer-to-cinema experience at home and don’t care about the portability aspect.

In contrast, The Freestyle 2nd Gen is a less powerful but more versatile projector from Samsung. It’s lightweight and portable, and can even be attached to a light socket through an adapter (available for $79) to project images on tables or the floor.

The Freestyle also has an optional battery base accessory for portability. And it boasts services like Gaming Hub, which lets you play video games via cloud technology without needing a PC or a console.

In essence, these Samsung projectors perform the same task but can serve different purposes and lifestyles. If you’re in the market for a projector, you should choose whichever suits your needs best.

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