‘She was actually policing us looking to see if we were sharing’: Customers say Red Lobster made them ‘uncomfortable’ during Endless Shrimp deal – The Daily Dot

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A user on TikTok is calling out Red Lobster after alleging that he was monitored and made to feel “uncomfortable” on a recent trip to Red Lobster.

In a video with over 162,000 views as of Saturday, TikTok user Marlin (@facen4ward) describes what he says was “one of the worst experiences I’ve had at a restaurant in a long time.”

“We thought we would get out as a family and enjoy a meal together,” Marlin writes in the caption. “It was just the opposite.”

According to Marlin, he visited Red Lobster with his family and ordered two endless shrimp meals and two kids’ meals for his family of six. The plan, he says, was to share the food, something he says is common in his family.

“We were told that if we were caught sharing the meals with our family with our kids, they would charge us for more endless shrimps,” he explains. Later, he adds, “The manager was walking around trying to be friendly, but she was actually policing us looking to see if we were sharing food.”

While he complimented the server, Marlin claimed that “the food was not good” and the whole experience was “a zero out of 10.”

@facen4ward We thought we would get out as a family and enjoy a meal together. It was just the opposite. Red lobster made us feel so uncomfortable telling my family they could not taste our food. If they caught us sharing we would be charged. #fyp #viral #food #facen4ward #foodie #redlobster #endlessshrimp ♬ original sound – Facen4Ward

In the comments section, some users supported Marlin.

“How can a restaurant tell you if you can share your food,” a user wrote. “That’s the fun part eating off of each other’s plates.”

“I tried to order coconut shrimp and the guy said to upgrade my son’s meal to [all you can eat] and take his. They probably think you won’t tip, racism sucks,” added another.

However, many commenters took Red Lobster’s side.

“He just mad he got caught sharing,” said a user.

“All restaurants that do those deals have the same guideline,” stated a second.

“Wait? I count 6 people with 2 endless shrimps and 2 kids meals? What were the other 2 eating? Come on now, go on with all that! You were wrong!!” exclaimed a third.

“It sounds more like you were devastated at the fact that you guys was trying to share food and they caught you,” declared an additional TikToker. “Ain’t nothing wrong with red lobster.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Red Lobster via email and Marlin via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Nov 18, 2023, 10:00 am CST

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