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With the advancement in the field of artificial intelligence, an AI expert has claimed that the day is not far when AI will surpass the control of humans.

Before the wide acceptance and adoption of generative AI, experts and theorists had speculated that technological singularity was decades away.

However, with growing competition in this area by tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Elon Musk’s xAI, Ben Goertzel, CEO of AI and blockchain developer SingularityNET, believes the beginning of artificial general intelligence (AGI) is years, and not decades, away.

“I would say now, three to eight years is my take, and the reason is partly that large language models like Meta’s Llama2 and OpenAI’s GPT-4 help and are genuine progress,” Goertzel told Decrypt.

“These systems have greatly increased the enthusiasm of the world for AGI, so you’ll have more resources, both money and just human energy—more smart young people want to plunge into work and working on AGI.”

What is singularity?

Singularity is a theoretical point where technological advancement either becomes equivalent to or tops human intelligence.

The point of singularity has the potential to make severe shifts to human civilization.

The experts have long weighed in on the possibility of reaching singularity in the near future claiming that the intelligence of humans is fixed but the case does not stand true for machines as with the advancement and mainstream adoption of AI, it can outperform us at any given time.

Factors pushing advancement of AI

Geortzel, while emphasising the major factor pushing the development of artificial intelligence, said it was humanity’s restlessness that was not only behind the advancement of technology but also the determinant for other massive transformations.

“Why did we develop agriculture and towns and cities instead of living in a stone age style?” he was quoted as saying by Decrypt. “According to some metrics life has improved since Stone Age times, but according to other metrics, life has gotten worse—you didn’t have neuroses and mental illness like we do now.”

He then said that the concept of AI was initially funded by the US military in the 50s as it was primarily seen as a potential national defence tool.

However, he said that recently, the progress in this field has been accelerated by a variety of other motives.

“The ‘why’ for AI initially was partly curiosity, but probably military—the US military funded AI, from the ’50s up to the turn of the century,” Goertzel said. “So initially, the ‘why’ was national defence.

“Now the ‘why’ is making money for companies, but also interestingly, for artists or musicians, it gives you cool tools to play with,” he added.

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