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Mortal Kombat 1 has been in the hands of players for two months already with its first kompetitive season underway.

Multiple NetherRealm fighting game champion SonicFox just put together their first tier list for MK1 including the recently released Omni-Man.

Starting from the top, SonicFox initially put Kenshi, Johnny and Raiden as the best three in the game though that would slightly change.

Their new proclaimed main in Sindel actually gets bumped up to number two overall with Sonic thinking she’s totally busted now.

There’s a total of nine different fighters in S+ tier, which they claim because those ones in particular have the most messed up stuff in their moveset.

As for the first DLC character, the longtime pro placed Omni-Man high into S tier as they describe him as someone who can just immediately skip neutral, has extremely strong meterless combos, good pressure and decent buttons overall.

For a bit, SonicFox had Havik, Sub-Zero and Scorpion as the bottom three in A tier though ended up moving them all up to A+, so it seems like they feel pretty confident that anyone in the game can compete right now.

The previous nerfs and changes to Cyrax and other Kameos did knock their first main in Rain down quite a bit as well as Baraka while rating Smoke pretty high.

Last month, Sonic did share their top 5 in MK1 at that time where two of them are very much no longer up there in this list

You can check out SonicFox’s ordered first tier list for Mortal Kombat 1 below, and for the full breakdown on their picks, head to SonicFox’s Twitch stream archive here.

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