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This could change how we play video games, and we’re not sure it’s a change for the best

Published Apr 22, 2024, 12:33:16 GMT+1Last updated Apr 22, 2024, 12:33:14 GMT+1

If you think Sony has made controversial decisions previously, this recent move by the company may just change your perspective.

Recently, Sony filed a patent for an auto-play feature, seemingly giving the wheel over to AI. For those moments when you want to just watch a game rather than play it, instead of forcing your partner to play instead, AI can take control.

This patent for an auto-play option, while fitting in with other companies making the shift to AI as it becomes more integral to business models, means the way we game could change forever.

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If this new feature rolls out in the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro – or any other future console – it would use information gathered from the cloud to figure out your gaming style. Consequently, it could then simulate you playing while you sit back and watch.

It’s a massive change. Although controversial, we can see the benefits, particularly when grinding to gather resources for your Stardew Valley farm; gamers have said as much over on Reddit.

“If you really want to experience the plot and the vibe of the game but don’t jive with the gameplay, and don’t want to gamble on watching a streamer play it, that type of thing,” one person posited.

“Or alternatively letting it grind for you – I don’t want to get my smithing up to 70 but I do want to do song of the elves type deal.”

Despite some being able to see the benefits, others aren’t sold on the idea at all. “I remember the good old days when you actually had to figure out how to do something before you patent it,” posted another gamer.

There’s a consistent theme in the Reddit discussion regarding making games too easy. However, until we see this auto-play in action, we can only speculate how It’ll change the community.

It goes without saying that just because an idea has been patented, it doesn’t mean it’ll ever reach consumers so do keep that in mind.

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