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Spotify Technology S.A. continues to integrate AI into its music streaming offerings. On Friday, Apple Inc announced changes that should benefit Spotify and other streaming apps as it will now inform users of other ways to purchase digital services on its App Store. This change came as result the $1.99 billion fine Apple was charged by the EU for thwarting competition from music streaming rivals through its Apple Store restrictions.

Apple Has Some Catching Up To Do

Perhaps not the greatest rivalry of all time, but the Apple Music and Spotify rivalry is undoubtedly among the music streaming industry’s greats. Spotify has been around for longer than Apple Music. Yet, Apple made an impressive digital music footprint and used its iPhone power to make things trickier for Spotify. By the looks of it, the EU regulators have put an end to those days. Strangely, Apple has been late in in infusing AI to enhance its offerings. While Apple has been keeping quiet on AI, it did add personalized recommendations last year, back when Spotify expanded its AI DJ. Generative AI has quickly grown to become much more than a simple buzzword, so Apple cannot afford to take a back seat but it’s nature has always been about being secretive- only time will show how it intends to infuse it across its offerings. 

Meanwhile, Spotify Continues Its Generative AI Journey

Last February, Spotify launched its AI-powered DJ feature. Six months after the North America and Canada debut, it expanded it to dozens of markets across the globe. An English-speaking personalized radio DJ has been a success. Now, Spotify took the next step by launching personalized AI playlists that one can build using written prompts. Moreover, besides allowing users to specify their musical wishes beyond the genre with prompts referencing a range of things, from moods to movie characters, activities, and so on, AI can be used to further refine the result after the list is generated. At first, the feature will be available to U.K. and Australia.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has also offered many teasers of ways the music streaming company can exploit AI, such as by summarizing podcasts and creating AI-generated audio ads. With AI-powered capabilities, Spotify can personalize its offerings like never before while also gaining the ability to become more efficient such as by significantly lowering the cost that it takes for advertisers to develop new ad formats. In simple words, the DJ feature was merely the beginning of Spotify’s AI journey.

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