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Spotify’s new AI Playlist feature adds an AI component to the creation of playlists on the site. All it takes is to feed the AI some text and it does the rest.

Feed it “sing along songs while riding on a pony in Colorado”, “songs while waiting for the microwave to go ‘ping'”, or “songs for boring bus rides in downtown LA”, and you should get a list of matching music almost instantly.

As is the case with all generative AI, you may fine tune the output by providing additional instructions to the AI.

Spotify notes that AI Playlist is in Beta currently, which means that users should expect the occasional hiccup. More limiting is that it is only available to Spotify Premium customers, in Spotify’s Android or iOS apps, and in the United Kingdom and Australia at the time of writing.

Spotify promises that AI Playlist will be expanded to other regions and countries in the near future.

For now, if you are a Spotify Premium customer who lives in the UK or in Australia, you may follow these instructions to get started:

  1. Tap the plus button in your library to create a new playlist.
  2. Select “AI Playlist (Beta)” from the options that pop up.
  3. Type what you desire. Spotify lists a few suggestions to try, if you come up empty.
  4. Wait for Spotify’s AI to do its magic.
  5. Check out the songs and activate the “create” button to create the playlist.
  6. You may also activate “cancel” to stop the process, or use the refine text field to fine tune it further.

Spotify notes that the current version of the tool does not produce playlists based on non-music related prompts. This includes prompts about “current events or specific brands”. Safeguards are also in place, especially in regards to prompts that Spotify classifies as offensive.

Using AI for creating playlists is not new. You can ask any of the generative AI tools to create playlists for you. The integration in Spotify makes this new tool comfortable to use for users of the service. The main idea is to widen the ability to create playlists.

Are you a Spotify customer? What is your take on the new AI Playlist feature? Does it sound like something that you would use?

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