Spotify Launches Test of AI-Generated Playlists Based on Text Prompts Like ‘Sad Music for Painting Dying Flowers,’ Will Block ‘Offensive’ Inputs – Variety

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Spotify already has numerous ways for listeners to find music to listen to on its platform. Now it’s adding a new AI tool that can automatically compile a playlist based on user-entered text strings.

The company has launched a beta version of a feature it calls AI Playlist, available first to Spotify Premium subscribers in the U.K. and Australia. The new tool lets you “turn your most creative ideas into playlists,” according to Spotify.

Examples of AI Playlists prompts that Spotify listed include: “An indie folk playlist to give my brain a big warm hug”; “Relaxing music to tide me over during allergy season”; “A playlist that makes me feel like the main character”; “Sad music for painting dying flowers”; “I’m getting ready with the girls. Make us a fiery playlist for heating up the dance floor”; and “Tracks for horse riding into the sunset.”

Spotify said AI Playlist won’t produce results for non-music-related prompts, such as current events or specific brands. In addition, the company said it has implemented measures to block “prompts that are offensive.”

According to Spotify, AI Playlist can work off prompts referencing places, animals, activities, movie characters, colors, emoji and more. The “most successful” playlists will result from prompts “that contain a combination of genres, moods, artists or decades,” the company added. Users also can revise and refine the playlists by telling AI Playlist more specifically what they’re looking for (i.e., “more pop” or “less upbeat”).

The AI Playlist beta is available initially in the U.K. and Australia to subscribers on its Android and iOS apps. “Over the coming months, we look forward to continuing to iterate on this new feature to best serve our listeners,” the company said.

Overall, according to the company, Spotify users engage in nearly 2 billion discoveries daily, through features like the AI DJ launched last year, Discover Weekly and the Daily Mix playlists.

Meanwhile, Spotify reportedly plans to hike the price of its subscription plans in the U.S. later this year, after it raised prices in its biggest market less than a year ago, as well as in other territories. Under the new pricing, individual plans will go up by about $1 a month, while family plans and so-called duo plans for couples will rise by $2.

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