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Spotify is further tapping AI to boost its services with a new feature that enables users to create playlists using text prompts.

Dubbed AI Playlist, the feature is currently in beta and available on Android and iOS devices for premium subscribers in Australia and the UK.

Interestingly, the new tool goes beyond standard playlist creation requests based on genre or artists. Instead, prompts can include activities, colours, places, and emojis.

At the same time, users can get as creative as asking for personalised suggestions that “give their brains a big warm hug” or make them feel like a movie’s main character, Spotify suggests.

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The company says that for the best results prompts should contain a combination of moods, genres, artists, or timeframes.

To experiment with the AI Playlist, users can tap on the “+” button in their Library. They then can select one of the existing prompts or typer their own. The tool will offer a number of songs, which can be previewed, added, or deleted.

Users can also revise the results and ask for something “more rock” or “less sad.” Once they’re happy with the playlist, they can click on Create.

What the AI Playlist feature looks like. Credit: Spotify

Spotify will continue the new feature’s iteration over the next coming months. The Swedish unicorn launched its first artificial intelligence tool, the AI DJ, last year. Daniel Ek, the company’s CEO, has teased additional AI-powered functionalities including podcast summaries and audio ads.

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