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Stream Hatchet, a provider of data analytics for the live streaming industry and wholly-owned subsidiary of GameSquare Holdings, has announced the launch of its AI-powered news platform and a website upgrade.

Stream Hatchet says its new website elevates traditional news sources by creating a dynamic AI-driven insights hub that delivers daily articles on relevant live streaming, gaming, esports, and social media topics. It provides users with a timely and informed perspective on industry trends by analysing billions of data points daily from Stream Hatchet’s proprietary business intelligence software to recommend the most important news.

The backbone of Stream Hatchet’s intelligence is powered by an interactive and customisable command centre. Driven by AI insights, users can now filter data by category, channels, games, and enjoy a personalised dashboard. Stream Hatchet’s proprietary AI system was built internally to help find the most relevant insights and data points inside of their platform. This enhancement delivers actionable insights, empowering users with informed decisions for their businesses. Stream Hatchet provides data and analytics tools to leading gaming and live streaming companies including Riot Games, Scopely and EA.

Amanda Brooks, Marketing Director at Stream Hatchet, commented: “As the leading provider of data analytics for the live streaming industry, Stream Hatchet’s new AI-powered platform is a revolutionary step forward in news based on industry intelligence and data. Our goal is to provide not just news but a powerful tool for industry leaders to make data-driven decisions.”

Eduard Montserrat, Founder and CEO at Stream Hatchet, added: “Crafting algorithms from billions of data points, our analysts assigned weights based on industry importance. Developers brought this to life, resulting in a daily dose of insights that goes beyond news, providing users with informative and digestible data in real time.”

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