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** Nvidia NVDA this week unveiled its flagship AI chip – B200 Blackwell – along with new set of software tools and other hardware at its highly anticipated annual developer conference

** The heavyweight chipmaker said on Tuesday its new flagship AI processor is expected to ship later this year, while the company chases a data center market potentially greater than $250 billion

** NVDA shares down 0.1% at $892.66 premarket


** Deutsche Bank (“hold”, PT: $850) says NVDA is clearly playing a holistic game by attacking the broader AI opportunity via silicon, hardware, systems, and ecosystem creation, and its efforts to address the whole system eclipse those of its more myopic chip-centric peers

** Brokerage adds NVDA is the “undisputed AI leader”, but also believes this view is adequately reflected in its already premium valuation

** Piper Sandler (“overweight”, PT: $1,050) says the Blackwell chip is an expansion of the already dominant market positioning of NVDA’s hardware offering

** Oppenheimer (“outperform”, PT: $1,100) says NVDA is best positioned in AI benefiting from full-stack AI hardware and software solutions

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