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In response to Google launching a program for news publishers which offers access to AI tools in order to help them produce content, Bynder has conducted a survey of 2,000 consumers in the UK & US, which uncovered that news articles are the form of written copy that consumers believe should be written by a human, more so than any other form.

The survey uncovered that 51 per cent of consumers believe that news stories should be written by a person, which was followed by service reviews (50 per cent) and then advice guides (41 per cent).

Commenting on the findings, Steve Vinall from Bynder said: “Google is reportedly testing a new software which will help journalists write articles. This is no surprise, given that as AI is evolving, it is helping to speed up processes in a number of industries. However the use of AI in journalism should be carefully monitored. A spokesperson from Google has rightfully discussed best practice, which will involve the human-element required in journalism, involving creating and fact-checking their articles.” 

“In our recent survey, we found that out of a range of types of written copy, news stories were ranked by consumers as the format which should be created by a human. Journalists should ensure that articles still have the human feel of utilising AI tools to avoid reader dissatisfaction or even distrust,” he concluded.

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