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Taylor Swift and AI are potentially the two most talked about things of 2024 thus far. That’s what makes this recent experiment and its findings extremely interesting, and slightly concerning.

As AI – artificial intelligence – continues to develop, it is particularly important for those in the entertainment and music industry.

Taylor Swift herself saw just how severe the impact can be when vulgar deep fake images of “her” were shared online and viewed millions of times.

This recent experiment is more about her music, and music in general, with Nick Collins at Durham University, and Mick Grierson at the University of the Arts London issuing a stark warning about the future.

As sites like TikTok are rife with videos using AI to make it sound like songs are being sung by other celebrities, it begs the question, where can the line be drawn?

We can all have a laugh at Homer Simpson singing My Way by Frank Sinatra, but could you feasibly have a world where you could listen to “Taylor Swift” sing every song ever made?

Well, potentially, yes.

According to NewScientist.com, the AI it would take for “Taylor” to sing all recorded music would currently require 1.67 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity at a cost of more than $266 million.

Given Taylor Swift’s alleged billionaire status – this is a price she could easily afford.

There is no reason to suggest Taylor Swift would want to do this. She is simply an example. But if a billionaire does get the idea – it is somewhat unsettling to know that the technology is now there.

Nick Collins said: “However much you try to preserve human culture, there may be threats in the future that you can’t anticipate.”

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