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The next batch of titles headed to Xbox [7,669 articles]” href=””>Xbox Game Pass for console, PC [8,444 articles]” href=””>PC and Project xCloud [268 articles]” href=””>Xbox Cloud Gaming has seemingly leaked.

According to reliable dataminer billbil-kun, three games are set to join Xbox Game Studios (Microsoft) [2,963 articles]” href=””>Microsoft‘s subscription service in the second half of November.

Update14th Nov 2023 / 2:00 pm

Microsoft has confirmed that the titles listed below are accurate.

Persona 5 [75 articles]” href=””>Persona 5 Tactica is coming to Cloud, Console and PC on November 17, Dune: Spice Wars is coming to Console and Cloud on November 28 and Rollerdrome is coming to Cloud, Console and PC on November 28.

Two of the titles – Persona 5 Tactica and Rollerdrome – have previously been confirmed for Game Pass, but the addition of a console version of Dune Spice Wars may come as a surprise.

The PC version of Dune Spice Wars was already added to Game Pass in 2022, but billbil-kun’s leak refers to a new console and Cloud version, which they say will be coming to Game Pass by the end of the month.

Persona 5 Tactica is set to come to the service on November 17, while Rollerdrome is coming on November 28. Both will be available on Xbox, PC and Cloud.

It was announced last month that Rollerdrome – which was a PlayStation [8,185 articles]” href=””>PlayStation console exclusive when it was released in August 2022 – would be getting an Xbox Series X/S port on November 28, and would be coming to Xbox Game Pass on the same day.

Earlier this month, eight new titles were added to Xbox Game Pass, including the launch day addition of Football Manager 2024 on PC.

Thirsty Suitors, Football Manager 2024 Console, Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, Dungeons 4, Wild Hearts [13 articles]” href=””>Wild Hearts and Spirittea all came to Xbox, PC and Cloud, while Coral Island came to Xbox and Cloud.


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