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The Super Mario Bros. Movie concept art

Megan Rose Ruiz and Travis Ruiz, two artists that worked on The Super Mario Bros. Movie, have revealed new concept art – plus sketches and other images – from their time working on the project.

Many of the images are for Toad, including one dedicated to designs. Megan said she was initially “asked to explore what different body types for the Toads might look like.” She added that “for the final film, I think there was only variation in color and outfit”. 

A ton of other Toad outfits can be found here – including an Illumination one and even Toadette. The Toad designs later on the gallery below were made as Megan’s “task for many months was to explore the life of the Toads in Mushroom Kingdom” and “were all done very quickly since it was just the concept stage”.

There’s obviously many other interesting things here as well, including Rainbow Road, Baby Peach, Peach’s garden, fountains (that didn’t get used), and more.

There’s even more from Travis Ruiz as we get to see concept art for “Punch-Out Pizzeria” (which was loaded with Easter eggs for Nintendo fans), Mario and Luigi’s bedroom, sewer entrance, and Brooklyn 1-1 side-scroller sequence.

Here’s the roundup of concept art for The Super Mario Bros. Movie:

You can keep track of Megan’s X account here and Travis’ here. Both could be sharing more in the future.


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