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Cognition has created an AI software engineer that has techies worried

Cognition has created an AI software engineer that has techies worried

The latest AI model is capable of writing code, and executing them to create videos and websites from scratch.

AI is everywhere these days, and people are surely worried about their jobs with the advancement of technology. But things are going to get worse before they get better, now that we have an AI that can replace software engineers.

That’s right, Cognition, a US-based AI startup has developed with the supposed world’s first AI software engineer, as the company claims. The AI tech called Devin is capable of writing codes, debugging any issues and deploying them to create websites and videos that are pro-level.

The company even mentions that Devin has passed practical engineering interviews and completed real jobs. “Devin is an autonomous agent that solves engineering tasks through the use of its own shell, code editor, and web browser,” the company points out in its X post. Devin has been able to resolve 13.86 percent of GitHub issues without any assistance which is better than other AI models available as of now.

Techies are understandably worried about the pace of AI development and AI models like Devin don’t fill them with assurance for their future whatsoever. AI is already becoming a concern for large-scale companies, and when you see Google making plans for AI with job cuts, news about Devin makes it worse, not only for the existing tech force but also the upcoming group.

Imagine the lure of models like Devin that can do everything from writing the code to developing the end software, something that engineers learn during their multiple years of college course.

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