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Published: 2023-11-11T01:38:55  ❘   Updated: 2023-11-11T01:39:06

One Pokemon Go player’s wife has been quick to call dibs on every shiny Pokemon catch, but this time, the community has some exceptional advice for the player.

Shiny Pokemon are a rare and sought-after prize in the world of Pokemon Go. For many, it’s an overwhelming challenge, considering that the base odds for finding a shiny are 1 in 500.

As a result, encountering a shiny Pokemon is a moment of excitement and achievement for many players.

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When this Pokemon Go trainer managed to catch a shiny Mareep, they quickly shared the in-game screenshot with their wife, only to be hit with an unexpected response.

In a Reddit post titled, “After every hunt my wife tries to claim my Pokemon!” the player shares a screenshot that shows their wife responding to news of the shiny Mareep catch with, “It’s mine ok bae.”

The player seemingly took a few minutes to respond, maybe questioning whether they were about to make the correct decision here before then sending, “F*** that. I been hunting that shiny for 17 years. Suck a Snorlax.”

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The hilarious exchange led to various reactions from the Pokemon Go community on Reddit, ranging from suggestions like changing the phone’s passcode to some genius-level advice about what to do with the Mareep from here.

A bunch of players were quick to point out that the Mareep Community Day Classic event is coming up on November 25. The Community Day represents a prime opportunity for players around the world to catch shiny Mareeps, as they’ll have boosted odds of spawning throughout the event.

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For this player, at least according to the community, they’ve been given the perfect chance to impress their wife by generously handing over the shiny Mareep, knowing that they can simply catch another one later in November.

“Give it to her, and make her happy, knowing that they’ll be easy to find during community day classic in a couple of weeks,” one player suggested.

And that certainly seems like a win-win situation for this trainer, who’ll have a chance to catch many more shiny Mareeps in just a few weeks.

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