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AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been a huge subject for the past few years. It first appeared at a workshop in Dartmouth by John McCarthy in the 1950s and is now mostly used in video games, art, grammar and spell checking, or as a digital assistant like Google or Siri. However recent conversations over AI have debated its ethical use in jobs and schools.

“I think a more progressive thought would trend towards ethical feelings of the machine-generated content industry, and in the workplace especially, The legal rights of what’s created are already dicey, and also it’s just like at most workplaces you’re being paid for your time, and if you’re just using your time for that then I don’t think that’s what you’re being paid to do, you’re kind of going against the instructions of you’re job,” said Senior Joaquin Hernandez.

AI already has a negative presence in the workplace, with AI being one of the reasons for the 2023 Sag Aftra labor strike which recently ended back on Nov. 9, 2023. To be able to create work with little to no effort is probably a dream, but with the use of AI that dream can be turned into a reality as long as it’s not used for financial gain that is.

“Creating art that can be sold, that’s a bit of a problem. I mean there’s no real work or effort that goes into it, and it kind of just ruins the point of buying and selling art. If you’re making art with AI just for fun, I mean that’s cool, but for money is a bit different, it’s kinda immoral if you will.” stated Senior Tuff Lemons.

The use of AI in schools and jobs will possibly never be allowed, but probably more as a tool to assist students in certain areas of academics. Writing is the most likely area of academics to allow the use of AI to help because of common spelling or grammatical errors.

“I think people are against it since they want to see what you think not AI,” said Junior Ashton Fuller, when asked why schools and jobs may be against the use of AI.

AI is something very marvelous but has caused great fear and dislike because of the thought of potentially losing jobs, or maybe from the many sci-fi books or movies inspired by AI. The fear of AI will dissipate within people because AI not being able to operate just like the human mind.

“It can’t create new ideas, it only works off of what it’s shown and given, and what it’s programmed to consider most prominent and important for a given task, it very much is just another machine,” said Hernandez.

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