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Expert cryptocurrency analyst Miles recently talked about AI coins, saying they’re becoming more popular in the crypto market, and their value is expected to increase significantly. While the recent rally may seem impressive, Miles said it merely scratches the surface of AI and crypto’s potential together. 

He firmly believes that in the long term, AI will emerge as one of the most transformative sectors within the crypto space, offering substantial opportunities for investors to capitalize on significant gains.

Currently ranked at number 22 in market capitalization, with a total market cap of $27 billion, AI coins are still lagging behind other sectors such as gaming, DeFi, and NFTs. However, Miles predicts this will change dramatically in the coming years, with the AI sector poised to climb into the top 5 to 10 crypto sectors.

As AI coins continue to gain traction, investors are eagerly seeking out promising projects within the sector.  Miles discussed exciting altcoins like AOS, RSS3, Ator Protocol, and AIA. Each of these coins has something unique to offer and much potential to grow in the AI sector.

AOS has been doing well lately. It’s catching people’s attention because it’s doing great in the AI world. The team behind AOS is strong, and the way the market is going, AOS looks like a smart investment.

RSS3 is another altcoin that’s standing out. It’s getting support from big investors and is getting ready to expand its network with a big launch. RSS3 is all about organizing information in a new way, and this could make it grow a lot in the AI field.

Ator Protocol is a bit different because it’s not only about AI. It’s also about keeping things private, which is important for developing AI tech. With big investors behind it and new gadgets coming soon, Ator Protocol could be a great investment in the wider AI world.

Then there’s AIA . This coin is not just for AI; it is also helping with gaming. It offers special tech for things like cloud computing and gaming. This support is vital for making AI technology popular in different industries.

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