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Despite facing some transaction troubles lately, Solana stands out as a top contender for AI and crypto ventures needing lightning-fast transaction handling. Thanks to its parallelized environment, it’s caught the eye of, a decentralized network providing global GPU resources for AI and machine learning.

In a series of X posts, Bankless has widened the scope of Solana-based AI projects. They unveiled’s highly anticipated launch and airdrop in April, boasting a $1 billion valuation and $30 million raised; Solana’s AI landscape is about to get a major boost. 

As we count on this exciting event, let’s dive into the world of AI projects thriving within the Solana ecosystem. 

Here are the Top 5 AI projects to Explore in This Bull Market


Nosana is revolutionizing AI computing with its decentralized network tailored for AI inference tasks. Creating a marketplace for GPU power offers affordable and scalable AI model training and execution, making it a game-changer for startups and researchers.


Grass leverages Solana’s L2 network to gather public web data for training AI models. Users can contribute by installing a browser extension and turning their browsers into nodes. Grass incentivizes participation with a points system, aiming to reward users for contributing to data collection.

Synesis One

Built on Solana, Synesis One democratizes AI development by allowing anyone to earn cryptocurrency by completing tasks like data labeling. It simplifies AI model training and fosters transparency in data training, supporting a fair, data-driven economy accessible via browsers or mobile apps.


Dither is more than just a trade bot for Telegram. It uses historical data to make trading tools for a wide range of apps. Its SeerBot finds possible token upsides, and new tools coming soon will include a semantic sniper for evaluating tokens and Fantasy Football Draft Player Analysis for betting on sports.


gmAI adds advanced AI features to Solana dApps, such as the ability to analyze data on the blockchain, find risks in smart contracts, and streamline yield farming. A beta with incentives is coming soon as part of its plan to support more than just DeFi. These include on-chain games and automating DAOs.

We are excited to see further developments in AI and the decentralized arena, are you?

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